Keep Your Interior Temperature in Check. Heating and AC repairs in Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you’re walking into a warm living room after a day in the brisk cold or you’re feeling the sweet relief of cold air on a hot summer’s day, you’ll instantly feel at ease if you have a reliable HVAC system. If yours is failing on you or struggling to keep your interior at a constant temperature, contact Brimhall Maintenance Services for repairs. We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your HVAC system functioning efficiently. Our team can also upgrade your heating or air conditioning system.

Next time you need quality residential or commercial HVAC services, call Brimhall Maintenance Services.

Keep your cool when AC problems arise

Summers in Memphis are no joke—a broken air conditioner can seriously jeopardize your health if you’re not careful. Nip air conditioning issues in the bud by reaching out to Brimhall Maintenance Services. Our experienced HVAC specialists will examine your current AC system’s components and pinpoint the source of the problem. We’ll recommend an effective repair or replacement solution to get your air restored in a timely manner.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, our HVAC contractors will point you toward the right make and model for your needs and budget. Contact Brimhall Maintenance Services to learn more. Maintain a comfortable home or office in Memphis, TN

Brimhall Maintenance Services offers a variety of heating and AC services that will help you keep a cool head all year long. We can install, maintain, replace or repair:

Air conditioning units

Heating & Furnaces

We are the go-to HVAC Company when it comes to your furnaces and heat pumps needs.

Service & Repair

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Protect Your New HVAC Unit

Thieves are targeting AC units throughout the Mid-South.

We custom build a cage designed for your unit.
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