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Stay warm and cozy with fast & effective heating service & repair from Brimhall Maintenance.

All too often, people seem to wait for small heating problems to become big ones before getting service or repair. In many cases, this happens because they are afraid of the cost of service or the hassle of waiting all day long for the service engineer to arrive. When you choose Brimhall Maintenance as your heating contractor, you don’t have these problems.

We pre-book appointments at times that are convenient for you and always show up on time, to take the hassle out of getting service. We also take pride in offering fair prices on high-quality service, to give you the best value for your money. Financing is available for big jobs.

We Solve All Your Heating Problems

At Brimhall Maintenance, our highly trained service engineers have the skills and experience required to work on all makes and models of heating equipment, including gas and electric furnaces, wall furnaces, floor furnaces, heat pumps, and air handlers. We are always careful to make sure we correctly identify the cause of the problem and provide an accurate estimate for the repair before beginning work. Whether you need a few tweaks to silence a noisy heater or a large repair to fix a heater that’s blowing nothing but cold air, we can help. We handle problems with all kinds of heater parts including:

• Fans
• Blowers
• Electrical
• Pilot lights
• Gas valves
• Thermostats
• Filters

We are so certain we can fix your problem right the first time, we offer a 100 percent guarantee on all heater repairs.

Why You Need Routine Heating Service

Getting routine annual maintenance for your furnace or heat pump is essential for getting the best possible energy efficiency, comfort, and service life from your equipment. At Brimhall Maintenance, our service engineers know just what tasks need to be done in order to keep your furnace or heat pump working its best for as long as possible. Contract with us for maintenance and we will:

• Perform a detailed safety inspection
• Identify and replace worn parts before they have a chance to fail
• Clean the system to improve efficiency and air quality
• Check and adjust air flow to ensure optimum performance

Remember, in some cases annual maintenance is actually required in the terms of your warranty. Why risk losing your warranty benefits, suffering needlessly dirty or uncomfortable indoor air, or experiencing a premature system failure when you can easily get expert maintenance from Brimhall Maintenance?

Get Better Heating Service Now

Don’t spend one more moment without reliable, energy efficient heating. Simply call 901-550-4845 now to schedule service. Most repairs are scheduled and completed the same day you call.

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