Save Money by Trading In Your Old Thermostat for New Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats from Sensi, Honeywell, Nest, or Ecobee let you monitor your home’s comfort system and control it from work, home, or a vacation destination halfway across the world. These thermostat options work with your existing furnace to give you Wi-Fi control of your HVAC system.


Wi-Fi programmable thermostats give you the option to match your home thermostat settings to your schedule. Heating and cooling an empty home puts an excess drain on your budget. Using a pre-set heating and cooling schedule can help save up to 30% on your energy bill each year. You’ll also receive reports that let you know how much energy you use and your peak hours of use. This information can be used to make adjustments, so you can cut back even more on your energy use throughout the month.Having more control over your heating and cooling system will not only make your home more comfortable, but it will also translate into energy savings all year long.How much can you save?

Ecobee says you’ll save 23% on heating and cooling.
Honeywell says you’ll save $88 per year.
Nest says you’ll save 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling. Check out their energy savings calculator to see how much you can save.

Comfort & Convenience

Off-brand digital or older mechanical home thermostats are less precise than modern units. A new Energy Aware Qualified® Wi-Fi thermostat like the Sensi can deliver temperature control with +/-one-degree (F) accuracy.No more waiting for the house to warm up when coming back from vacation on a cold February day. You’re able to adjust the temperature settings remotely and come back to a warm or cool home.

Forget to turn down the heat before you left for that weekend getaway? No problem. You can adjust your home’s temperature anytime, anywhere from a mobile device. And, come back to a warm or cool house after vacation. You can literally adjust your home’s temperature while you’re in the car, at work, or on the beach.Do you thrive on schedules?Many smart thermostats, like the Sensi, also allow you to set schedules or programs, so your home’s temperature is automatically adjusted to your needs. You can easily adjust the schedule you have set using the companion app for your thermostat. So, if you’re home from work one week to spend vacation break with the kids, it’s easy to adjust the heating or cooling for your home to meet the needs of your family.


New Wi-Fi programmable thermostats give you Auto Alerts. This means you’ll receive reminders to change the filter for your HVAC system. And, receive an alert if there is a potential problem so you can address it immediately.Do you have a senior or person with disabilities in your life who wants to live independently?Help them maintain their independence by setting up a smart home. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, their HVAC system can run on a schedule. They’ll be able to easily control it from a smartphone, and set up IFTTT (“if this happens, then do that”) rules to automatically adjust temperature based on sunlight, time of day, or whether or not someone is home. Best of all, any caretakers can assist them with this task if needed.A smart thermostat will save you money by cutting back on your energy usage each month. Using less energy will also help reduce your environmental impact while giving you complete control over your home’s HVAC system. There’s no better time than now to upgrade to a smart thermostat and start reaping the benefits of energy savings.

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