Mini-Split for Heating?

Probably the most common source for heat in the Memphis & Mid-South area is a natural gas furnace. In the downtown Memphis and midtown area, hydronic heating is common. And some homes use heat pump systems. Which can both heat and cool a home without the need of a separate furnace. However, mini-splits are growing in popularity. So, if you live in Memphis, can a mini-split be a good option for home heating?

Yes, but there are certain circumstances. Mini-splits are great for smaller homes, or homes that don’t have access to duct work. Perfect for older homes due to the inability to retrofit with duct work, additions, sheds, workshops/garages. Mini-splits are definitely not energy efficient for larger homes but definitely an option for smaller homes.

If you choose to go with a mini-split for your home, preform an energy audit of the spaces the units will be installed. Check doors and windows for drafts. You want to maximize the energy-efficiency benefits.

We highly recommend hiring a professional to properly size and install your mini-split. Incorrectly sized units will do nothing to benefit energy-efficiency. A professional will be able to assess how you plan on using the equipment, how many you will need, and properly install the equipment. The thermostat is on the unit itself so location is very important. A professional can also make sure you completely understand the differences between mini-splits and other more familiar central air and heating systems before you make your decision.

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