Why Did My AC Stop Working?

Your air conditioning system (HVAC) stopped working but why? You cleaned it in the spring and routinely change the filter. We will address the most common reason and what are the most common repairs.

Thousands of HVAC technicians across the country came up with the numbers:

• 60% of calls are for the limit switch breaches
• 30% of calls are for run capacitor issues
• 10% of calls are for miscellaneous conditions

These common heating and air conditioning repairs can be easily prevented. Use smart usage habits and set up scheduled maintenance from Brimhall Maintenance LLC.

What’s a Limit Switch Breach?

The limit switch or also known as the safety switch is a mechanism inside your furnace and air conditioning that shuts down the system when it senses or detects a dangerous situation. The switch will commonly flip when the furnace or AC overheats. While this is a potentially life-saving measure, once the switch is flipped, the system can’t be turned back on until someone from Brimhall Maintenance resets it.

The most common reason this occurs? Dirty air filters.

Air Filters play an important role.
• They prevent heating and air conditioning repairs
• They protect furnace and air conditioning parts
• They improve indoor air quality
• They maintain energy efficiency

Prevent this common repair and keep your HVAC effective by changing your air filters every few months.

Why would I need to repair the Run Capacitor?

30% of heating and air conditioning repairs are caused by bad run capacitors. Run capacitors are attached to the blow motor in your air systems; and, unfortunately the batteries can spoil or run out of power.

The best way to avoid potential problems with the run capacitor is to just keep everything clean. Reducing dirt, dust, and other buildup from your furnace helps the run capacitor operate smoothly and efficiently; thus, saving you from a repair.

What are the other Miscellaneous Conditions?

The other common heating and air conditioning repairs are for miscellaneous issues like:

• Extinguished pilot lights
• Stalled blower motors
• Troubled circuit boards

These common heating and air conditioning repairs don’t take long to fix and are familiar for a reason. Typically, they happen due to normal wear and tear or old age.

You can avoid 90% of the most common repairs

Up to 90 percent of common heating and air conditioning repairs can be easily avoided. All you need to do is routine HVAC maintenance.

HVAC Maintenance is necessary because it:

• Delivers ultra-personalized technical care
• Fixes issues before they set into serious problems
• Helps parts last longer and work better
• Improves energy efficiency
• Improves system performance and reliability
• Elevates indoor air quality and overall cleanliness

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